Eta Carinae is known to be at the same distance as the Carina Nebula and its spectrum can be seen reflected off various star clouds in the nebula. These indicate that the star, or the expanding shell of ejected material, had cooled further and may have been colliding with circumstellar material in a similar way to a type IIn supernova. Meteor showers are not associated with bodies outside the Solar System, making the proximity to Eta Carinae merely a coincidence. Mia Stone Click on my picture to read more. Discovered inthe weak Eta Carinids meteor shower has a radiant very close to Eta Carinae. Click on my picture to read more. The spectrum continued to esibizione complex and baffling features, with much of the energy from the central star being recycled into the infrared by surrounding dust, some reflection of light from the star from dense localised objects in the circumstellar material, but with obvious high ionisation features indicative of very high temperatures.

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An unobscured brightness would have been magnitude 1. Eta fell within the keel portion of the ship which was later to become the constellation Carina. Hydrogen lines are present and strong, showing that Eta Carinae still retains much of its hydrogen envelope. Christine Young Click on my picture to read more. In a telescope the star is framed within the dark V dust lane of the nebula and appears distinctly orange and clearly non-stellar. Masing hydrogen recombination lines from the combining of an electron and proton to form a hydrogen atom have been detected in this range. Crystal Click on my picture to read more. Kate Click on my picture to read more. This spectral transition from F supergiant to strong emission is characteristic of novaewhere ejected material initially radiates like a pseudo- photosphere and then the emission spectrum develops as it expands and thins.

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Misty Click on my picture to read more. Mia Stone Click on my picture to read more. Trumpler 16 Eta Carinae lies within the scattered stars of the Trumpler 16 open cluster. Individual lines show widely varying widths, profiles, and Doppler shifts , often multiple velocity components within the same line. Certain wavelengths of radiation suffer eclipses, either due to actual occultation by one of the stars or due to passage within opaque portions of the complex stellar winds. Click on my picture to read more. The earliest firm record was made by Edmond Halley in when he recorded the star simply as Sequens i. Sophie Moon Click on my picture to read more.

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